My airsoft friend DM’s dad recently passed away, from cancer. Last night Almond and I went to the wake at Don Bosco to pay our respects, and met up with old friends of mine from Recon 1st Battalion. It’s been five years since I saw some of the guys there, and it felt good to reconnect. They asked me if I still played, and I told them I’d retired in 2003. I sold my souped-up MP5-PDW with the extended barrel and modified spring, including the hi-cap mags, to my old Wyvern teammate Dondi, but still had my uniforms (woodlands, olive drab air force jumpsuit, black SWAT jumpsuit), vest, boots, gloves, balaclava, sniper veils. Enough left over for Halloween.

All the reminiscing made everybody laugh, the atmosphere was almost festive. Yes, we were at a wake, but the group’s sense of humor is generally hard to suppress. I realized I missed them a lot. Team Wyvern used to play with R1B every weekend for several years, and after each game we’d all conquer some nearby eatery and eat long table-style. I enjoyed that sort of camaraderie. Wyvern is no more, most of the members having prioritized their relationships, families or careers. I just see the foodie core group of Dondi, Kathy & Mike most often.

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