This sock and its twin make the first successful pair of baby socks I’ve made since my informal apprenticeship to Ines J. of the Dreams Tuesday/Saturday Knitting Group. It’s made of locally available gradient colorway crochet cotton thread, using 2.75mm circular knitting needles in the Magic Loop Method. The pattern is from Tita Ting, a former member of the knitting group who is now based in the US.

How ADORABLE is that! These are for Etienne.

I’m also making socks for his brother Ethan, my cousin Ellen’s baby Jianna, my godson Inigo, my niece Lilo, my goddaughter Meg, and my friend Red’s baby boy whose name I can’t remember at the moment.

I started one sock from the beginning of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony (8pm-11pm) and continued the next morning for another hour. The second sock I started Sunday afternoon and finished before dinner. Roughly four hours per sock: instant gratification!

At this point I must comment on something that struck me as really funny. Last Saturday I attended a high school alumni meeting at a mall cafe. When I showed the guys that first sock, their reaction was, “You MADE this? How?” The girls, upon seeing the sock, teased me, “Ano na namang ka-manang-an yan! (What, more old maid stuff?)” Upon which, they marched off and went shopping for clothes in Mango. Jopet and I looked each other in the eye and laughed.

Men, it seems, are interested in the HOW. As in “How on earth are you able to do it by hand without going nuts?” and “How can you make money from this?”. Women with children, it seems, are focused on maintaining the image of looking younger longer without making it appear they are doing a lot of work. Ergo as much as possible they would rather not do the work of making the sock if they can buy it with a brand. Makes life so much simpler, neh?

Why do I do this? Because I can. How do I do this? By making a lot of mistakes first. What’s in it for me? Creation. Women with children have one up on me there, but I have the the inclination and make the time for this. Will I make money from this? Who knows. Nevertheless, Etienne and all the children in line for socks have my love along with it.

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