This is the third leg of the Caccam-Perez international family reunion.  It follows the 2 videos posted from Cavite and Baguio City.

Luna in La Union (near Bacnotan) is famous for its beaches of wave-polished, rounded stones.  Not sand, stones.  Stones of every color, washed up daily onto the beach.  We were guests at the house of the Noble family.

Relatives spent some time on the beach to collect stones of different shapes and sizes.

The rustic house had a natural, organic feel, dominated by warm wooden furniture and a stone floor that brought the beach inside.  Wide picture windows at each angle kept the house well-ventilated and gave guests beautiful views

The property is so secluded that guests enjoyed utter privacy.  We slept with the windows open all night.

That night the uncles gathered by the fire, shared beers, and counted shooting stars.

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2 thoughts on “LUNA, LA UNION – NOBLE HOUSE

  1. I will be visiting la union this coming 16. Can you please send me the address of the noble stone house in Luna? Your reply is highly appreciated. Thank you

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