My mom was sitting on the sofa reading the current issue of Newsweek.  Inside were several letters to the editor from readers who felt that Michael Jackson was not treated with the respect that someone whose contribution to music was that significant.  One letter-writer admitted that he was a fan until the sordidness of the child molestation charge severely tainted his admiration of the singer.

Nanay:  What did Michael Jackson sing?  I might know it?

This was tough, because she had no personal reference to any of the songs I knew.

Me:  Er, it’s hard to pick something you’d know, because you never really listened to the radio.  I just realized now that you know absolutely nothing of rock and roll…

We try to explain to other people that my mom “was born in the 40s, lived twice through the ’50s, totally skipped the 60s, and went straight to the 70s.”  It may sound inconceivable that rock and roll never even made a dent in my mother’s life the way it knocked the breath out of ours, but it’s true.  She doesn’t know any fast Beatles songs, only “Michelle”.  She knows that Elvis gyrated his hips into musical history, but the only thing that registered in her memory was “Love Me Tender”.  She can, however, sing songs from any Broadway musical you’d care to name, for as long as it was performed before or around the same time frame as “Fiddler On The Roof”.

My mom’s musical context is golden age Hollywood.  She remembers “Lara’s Theme” from “Dr. Zhivago”.  Henry Mancini’s “A Time For Us” from “Romeo and Juliet”.  My dad courted my mom to the strains of “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.” Dance music meant very little to her then, she grew up bookish.  She was very shy so even just my dad’s big band sort-of-fast boogie made her nervous.

My mom knows ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” because she hears it on her Thursdays senior citizen dance class at the clubhouse (which she attends sporadically), and because she watched Meryl Streep in “Mamma Mia”.  She was amazed that people knew all the songs and sang along to the movie, which she thought was a cheerful comedy remake.  She couldn’t wrap her head around why Pierce Brosnan and the other guys wore sparkly Spandex and platform boots towards the end credits.  She knows disco as a place where one danced to fast music, but not the actual music itself, nor the lifestyle.  She remembers songs she can sing along with rather than to dance to.  I wonder what she’d make of the lyrics to “MacArthur Park”, especially the part about “leaving the cake out in the rain”.  I don’t know what to make of them either.

I tried to think of the most ubiquitous Michael Jackson song that my mom would have heard, and I came up with:

Me:  Er, do you remember the Christmases when I was a kid?  Almost all the holiday songs being played in the stores were sung by the Ray Conniff Singers?  Well, Michael was the little boy who sang “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”.

Nanay:  That was Michael Jackson???  How come I don’t know what else he sang when he grew up?

Me:  I don’t think you would have known the words to anything he ever sang as an adult.  They were songs we danced to in high school.  There were some other good ones, but you never listened to the radio, so I don’t see what difference it would make to you.

Nanay:  I remember he used to be such a good-looking black boy.  Didn’t you ever buy a record?

Me:  No, I wasn’t a fan.  I think I spent all my money on Duran Duran, U2 and The Police.

Nanay:  If you weren’t a fan, how come you know a lot of his songs?

Me:  Well, he was so talented, he had such a long and successful career.  They played his music everywhere.  I didn’t NEED to buy a record.

Nanay:  But nobody listens to radio now…

Me:  No.  I think they’d rather watch on Youtube.

Nanay:  (dreamily)  Youtube… oh yes, I like Youtube…

My mother, who totally missed out on popular music on radio and tv the first time around, is now a bona fide Youtube music video surfer.  She was last seen hunting down some Johnny Mathis.  What can I say.




… I would like to share with you guys a snippet of Anthony Bourdain’s street food tour of Binondo, Manila (Chinatown!), courtesy of TravelChannelTV.  Many other bloggers have blogged about it already, but I think there are still some people who were not able to watch the No Reservations episodes of Bourdain’s visit aired early this year, so these are for you (especially Uncle Oca and TAO):

And here’s a series of links of Tony with my favorite Pinoy foodblogger MarketMan, discovering what he now refers to as the best whole roast pig in the world!  Many thanks to pinoyapparel01 on Youtube.

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3
Part 4

You enjoy while I go have lunch now.


When I was a little girl, my mom played old tapes of one of her favorite classical compositions for me and my sister, over and over.  By tapes, I mean a huge reel as big as a dinner plate on an AKAI player.  (This was in the early 70s, before the days of the cassette tape.) We loved Sergei Prokofiev‘s 1936 work Peter and the Wolf – the main melody was as memorable as our other favorite, the Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite”.  What made it stand apart from other works for us was that the recording had a narrator.  Now I am not sure, but I seem to remember that at the time it was the late British actor Sir Peter Ustinov.  (Listen to snippets for free here.)

While Joy was googling for a video of an orchestral performance on Youtube, what came up was a 2006 stop-motion animated film directed by Suzie Templeton that apparently won a BAFTA in 2007 and an Academy Award in 2008! (And three other awards.)   I highly recommend it to all parents.  Here it is, in four parts, on Youtube:

This series was originally posted on Youtube by Actealcien.


Yes, it is a crummy, crummy Thursday.  My friend Bobby introduced me to Happy Slip (Christine Gambito) when her Youtube videos just started getting popular in 2007.  My favorite video then was the “More Processed Meat” video.  My favorite characters are her Dad (“DEE-SUSS-TER!”) and her Auntie Baby, who is like several ladies I know and love despite their quirks because they’re either family or family friends.  Just watch the full family parody playlist on the website, to know what I mean.

This particular sequence cracks me up:

KevJumba vs. Fred G Dance Battle

I’m not embedding them because I believe people should visit the Happy Slip site and discover other laughs on their own.  Yes, it’s still a crummy Thursday but I laughed out loud today, and that’s always a good thing 🙂

P.S.  It’s all in English, with a smattering of Tagalog.  Christine’s great with the accents.  Must! Watch!


A big thank you to mason28viz for posting this on Youtube.  As a city, Baguio turned 100 years old this year.

My dad grew up in Baguio.  In 2006 he and Baguio City High School Class of 1956 celebrated their 50th Golden Jubilee.  He and his company were among the rescuers during the major earthquake that destroyed the historic Pines Hotel.  We have a photo of him and his colleagues with then-President Fidel Ramos at Malacanang Palace. 

I thought he might enjoy this video, as you all might 🙂