Some of these links were previously mentioned in All Choked Up, but I’m reprising them for a more updated and cohesive blog entry.  They are in nearly chronological order.

National Artist Awards (Wikipedia)
National Artist Awards Brouhaha: Artists Speak Out (
What They’re Saying About National Artist Dagdag-Bawas (Gibbs Cadiz blog)
Statement from BenCab on National Artist Awards (
Palace Choices of 4 National Artists Protested (
Two NCCA Commissioners Speak Up (Gerry Alanguilan blog)
At Large, Rina Jimenez David (Opinion,
‘Massacre’ of National Artist Awards Rued (
‘The Corruption of Culture’, PENMAN by Butch Dalisay (
CCP Deplores Arroyo’s National Artist Picks (
National Artists Ready Protest (Manila Times)
Carlo J. All The Way (Lourd De Veyra blog,
Caparas, Guidote, Malacanang Defend National Artist Selection (
Cecile G. Alvarez on Cory and National Artist Status (Manila Bulletin)
Frank Rivera, In Defense of Cecile Guidote Alvarez (Gibbs Cadiz blog)
Caparas Hits Back At Critics (GMA News)

I have my opinions, but I hope that reading more about the issue will help you form your own.  There is more protest about Caparas and Alvarez, because of qualification and delicadeza issues, rather than the other two “presidential prerogative” awardees.  There is no doubt that Francisco Manosa (Architecture) and Jose “Pitoy” Moreno (Fashion Design) are already internationally recognized senior artists in their respective fields.  Part of the protest concerns Music candidate Ramon P. Santos (who garnered the highest points after rigorous screening) being dropped from consideration in order to accommodate the four previously mentioned candidates.

There will be a “funeral” march Friday, August 7, 2pm, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  Let’s see what happens.

August 7 Editorial (
Shouting Match Erupts In Artists’ Protest (
Artists Offer Black Roses for the Death of the National Artist Awards (
SC Blocks Conferment of National Artist Awards (GMA News)

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