Today a few foodie-related things took place, which cheered me up no end.

My sister’s stovetop espresso maker, a single-serve pot, resurfaced after 12 years!  She bought the espresso maker, an Italian brand, when she was still single.  After she got married it was lost in storage, until we had some major spring cleaning (due to typhoon relief and general de-cluttering).  I finally learned how to make espresso – with warnings to keep my eye on the pot, as the process took all of three quick minutes.

Let me tell you, the smell was fantastic.  I warmed up some low-fat milk in a Pyrex measuring cup and with the resulting espresso I made my very own latte!  And I got a really lovely full- bodied flavor from the espresso, better than if I had used my usual coffee press method!  I drink coffee more for pleasure than for the caffeine high, so this morning ritual is perfect for me (now that I wake up early).

My sister returned from Santi’s delicatessen before lunch with a huge bag of sundried tomatoes.  I can foresee a lot of yummy pasta in our near future!

Later this afternoon, our maid returned from maternity leave.  She came from my mom’s home town in Negros bearing three products we requested from my uncle:  San Enrique rock salt (a really lovely salt for cooking), guinamos (lightly salted fresh tiny shrimp used as a condiment and seasoning for many foods) and batuan (a green fruit the size of a pingpong ball, sour enough to flavor our sinigang).

And this concludes my happy foodie day 🙂  I hope your day has been tasty as well.

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