The first quarter of this year had some interesting events in it.  And a lot of self-imposed drudgery.  And somehow my online presence dwindled.

I left Plurk.  I mean, I have Facebook and Twitter and Multiply and sometimes I post the same posts there as I do here.  In an era when we are flooded by information, we in turn flood information REDUNDANTLY, and with glee.  Some people probably have different audiences/contacts on each social network, depending on the mode of communication, so that works for them.  For me, well, it’s mostly the same people.  The same real people I actually know and like and occasionally buy things from.  I liked the way I could have extended conversations on Plurk, but hanging onto conversations takes up time I prefer to spend doing something else.  Does leaving Plurk make me feel less connected?  Not really, because the same friends are on Facebook, and commenting is conversation too.

While other friends move to other blog sites like Tumblr, it’s for efficiency of communication.  I’m staying put on Multiply because it fills my needs.  Migrating information is hell; my mirror sites in WordPress and Blogger haven’t been updated in ages.  I really should update them, but I really should be blogging actively here first.

I haven’t been taking new photographs.  I mean, I have, but not as much as before.  It’s another sign of information fatigue.  I have raw videos of my niece’s FIRST moving-up ceremony, a friend’s Boracay wedding and an alumni race in my video camera that haven’t been finalized or off-loaded to digital storage because things just tend to PILE UP.  So don’t let it pile up, you say, do it at once.  It never ends 🙂  (That was a wan smiley.  It’s wan because it’s summer and it’s hot and I’m whining.)

There are reviews lined up that ought to be here in Multiply.  I just haven’t gotten around to writing them (I’m editing an engineers’ handbook at the moment).  It’s amazing I manage to journal by hand.  I actually remembered (belatedly) to schedule salon pampering time for myself.  I renewed my passport recently, and could’ve written about that, but didn’t, and so the moment passed.  And I realize, that while I entitled this rant “First Quarter Blahs” it’s already the MIDDLE of the Second Quarter.  How’s that?  Do I need more caffeine in an IV drip?  Or would a halo-halo or mais con hielo do?

There are days I feel like a zombie headless chicken being marinated.  Oh well, at least I can look forward to being tasty.