I’ve been a member of the Fountain Pen Network – Philippines for two years now.   As a group we meet frequently; monthly or every other month.  We thought the May meet would be a mini-pen meet with less than ten members, but the event was so well-attended it became a full-size one.  Not in pictures:  Caloy (late), Mona (took pix).

Those who were able to join us (we were 15 in all) included John, JP (TOJ), Butch (DOB-yes folks, that’s Prof. Butch Dalisay), Beng, Clem, Chito, Joseph, and Caloy.  There were also a number of new faces:  Cesar, Tato, Raffy, Paul, Winston and Sonia.  The Conti’s function room could barely contain us as well as the waiters, hahaha!


One of the original reasons we decided to organize a mini pen-meet was that John needed help resaccing his Sheaffer 875 Balance.  Fortunately I had a spare size 18 sac, shellac and some pure talc from Woodbin, and we very quickly put his pen together.  (Since I started buying relatively inexpensive vintage pens on Ebay, I figured I would invest in a basic resac/polish kit. My order arrived in the mail early this year.) Clem’s Eversharp Skyline also needed resaccing, as the sac it came with had fallen off for some reason.  The cap of the copper Esterbrook SJ Clem bought from Cindy also had some dried up shellac marring its finish, so that was the very first pen I used my micromesh (also from Woodbin) on.

micromeshPidoy arrived, bringing Adring Silverio with him.  Mang Adring is an experienced pen repairman and vintage pen dealer from Sampaloc.  He brought with him some items to show the group (mostly an assortment of Parkers).  Despite the fact that we didn’t have much time to look over the pens for sale, some of us were able to have a very interesting discussion with him over lunch.

contis-04We raffled off only 4 items this time because we didn’t expect such a huge turnout.  Winston won the disposable Japanese fountain pen, but Chito won a Japanese notebook from Saizen, Joseph won the Wality 69T eyedropper fountain pen and Clem won the Rhodia notebook.  Caloy arrived after lunch, so Chito, John and I stayed to have dessert with him.

All in all, it was another very successful pen meet!  We may meet again some time in July.

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