Platinum Japan is coming out with a line of fountain pen inks that can be mixed with each other to produce other colors.  There are 9 basic colors:  a black, 2 blues, a purple, a pink, a red, a brown, a yellow and a green.  The picture above shows you the many possible combinations.  Alas, I can’t read the information on the Platinum website, which is in Japanese.  According to the Fountain Pen Network forums, the inks haven’t reached interntaional distributors yet.  The inks are supposed to be waterfast.  (Comparable Japanese ink lines are the Pilot Iroshizuku series or the Sailor seasonal inks, only these inks are specialty colors not meant for mixing.)

Maybe one day soon one of my more intrepid friends will not be able to resist and may come up with at least 4 of the 9 basic Platinum Mix Free inks (CMYK, anyone?).  The ability to mix new colors would be such fun.

[Note:  Where to get fountain pen ink in Manila:  National Book Store branches have the ubiquitous Parker, Waterman and Cross inks.  The Montblanc boutiques, of course, sell their own ink. Scribe Writing Essentials in Eastwood City has the French J. Herbin inks and the German Pelikan Edelstein line.  My fellow fountain pen lovers and I have a few inks from these sources, but have also tried eBay, online shopping or asking friends travelling abroad to buy other well-known brands for us.  I am not affiliated to these outlets, but mention them as a guide for the interested.]

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