easter-01Last Holy Week our entire family packed up and went to our parents’ place in Cavite, a place full of trees and flowering plants and birds.  While walking around, my sister Joy saw this empty nest.  It was about 9 inches high, and 3 inches across, perched on our bougainvillea.

easter-02We took my 5yo niece Lilo to the aratiles tree by the pond, and were able to pick a handful of berries.  I must have been in high school the last time I did that!  I think it’s one of those things all Pinoy kids should experience.

easter-03We also found this giant millipede.  Meanwhile, we collected the eggshells from the week’s omelettes for a special Easter project

easter-04which later became this Easter Egg Tree:

easter-05easter-06And while we didn’t have an Easter bunny, we were happy with Moonball the Easter Guinea Pig instead!


Photos copyright 2011 Joy Abara.  All rights reserved.

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