(Waterman inks photo by Cesar Salazar.)

More and more people are growing interested in using fountain pens here in Manila, as evidenced by the growing membership in our pen group Fountain Pen Network-Philippines.  For a long time Parker, Waterman, Cross and Montblanc were the only brands readily available in the local fountain pen market.  Now there are new brands available:  Lamy, Pelikan, Sailor, to name a few.  Waterman,Aurora, Cross and Rotring are now no longer being sold here, while Sheaffer recently reintroduced itself.  The local Pilot distributor sells only school pens, not the fine writing instruments, nor the ink.

I’ve compiled a list of stores that sell fountain pen inks, in bottles and cartridges as of 2013: (click on links to see directory info)

National Bookstore branches  – Parker, Lamy, Sheaffer, Inoxcrom (cartridges)

Montblanc branches – Makati (632) 813-3739, Powerplant Mall (632) 898-2347, Shangri-la Mall (632) 633-4636, Manila (632) 521-1140, Robinsons Place (632) 551-2095, Ayala Town Center (632) 850-5532

Scribe Writing Essentials – 3/F Eastwood Mall, QC.  (632) 900-0053, Shangrila (632) 654-5071, Glorietta 5 (632) 386-4826. – Herbin, Lamy, Sailor, Pelikan (4001 and Edelstein), Noodler’s

Cutting Edge (Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Eastwood, Megamall, Mall of Asia) – Waterman

Times Trading– Lamy

Updated:  We now have a distributor for Diamine inks!  Since I don’t have permission to post the contact details here yet, please join the Fountain Pen Network-Philippines forum or on its Facebook page and make your order there, addressed to Peter.

Updated September 2013:  Scribe Writing Essentials now carries Noodler’s inks!  Contact Cindy Fulo at 0998-9983998 for which branches carry specific Noodler’s colors.

Updated August 2014: Scribe Writing Essentials now carries Platinum Mix Free and Carbon inks!

As of this time, there are no local distributors yet for Rohrer & Klingner, Aurora, Visconti, De Atramentis, Pilot (regular and Iroshizuku), and other popular brands of ink.  For these, we resort to buying from eBay or online stores based overseas.


  1. Useful post. 🙂 I think there are also Hero inks but I don’t know where they’re sourced. I bought mine from Isip Pens but I don’t think he’ll be selling anymore. I have yet to test the ink so I can’t vouch for its behavior or quality.

    • Hero inks were being sold at Merriam Bookstore in Recto, also at the small stores near UE. But since it’s not that mainstream an ink, and I didn’t know if they had regular supplies, I didn’t include it in the list.

  2. The Cutting Edge at Trinoma also sells Waterman inks. But as of today, I think I just got their last bottle of red and purple [not sure about the purple] ink. xD

  3. Hi. I just got my new Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen and it has necessitated me buying a new bottle of ink (sadly, I’ve neglected my fountain pens ever since all the nice ink bottles we bought in Europe got washed away during Ondoy).

    I am about to purchase a new bottle of Iroshizuku ink from Amazon and was looking at Cerulean blue. Do you have a recommendation for a blue ink? Oh, any idea where I can buy the individual Pilot ink cartridges here in Manila? Cosmos bazaar?


  4. faber-castell and graf von faber fountain pens are also not found in the philippines… however I got a hold of a faber-castell ambition (I like the smoothness of the nib) in Hong Kong, eslite in causeway bay (they also carry Iroshizuku inks I got my Yuyake from them) carries them if anyone is interested going overseas, and prints in harbor city… sigh I hope someone is capable of introducing pilot FPs, I hope Scribe pushes it here
    I got my sister a Tombow Object from there as well I never knew Tombow actually made FPs… I’m not sure if they are good but I think my sister likes it

  5. Hi! Just recently got into calligraphy – been through my share of dip pens, but now I want to venture to fountain pens just because the nibs of the dip pens are starting to get too scratchy for my taste.

    My question – what is a good (inexpensive) beginner FP with a flex nibs, one that is accessible to buy here in Manila?

    Many thanks!

    • For a more thorough discussion of beginner fountain pens, join our Facebook page Fountain Pen Network-Philippines, or our forum Off the bat the only beginner fountain pen being sold locally with a flex nib is the Noodler’s Ahab, at Scribe Writing Essentials branches (Eastwood, Shangri-la East Wing, Glorietta 5, SM Megamall and SM Aura). Your other bet would be a vintage flex pen (which you can buy from our FPN-P forum marketplace, or eBay). Modern beginner fountain pens with flex are not as soft as dip pens, and require a bit more pressure. Vintage fountain pens are softer, but then require more care to use.

    • Noodler’s fountain pens are also being sold in Scribe Writing Essentials. I had a Noodler’s Ahab once, but I sold it. It’s a pen that might require tweaking (setting the feed correctly, washing out manufacturing oils). Flex-wise, I got a good one, but I have many other pens I prefer to use. Flexing the pen requires a bit of force, unlike with vintage flex pens. The pen also has a funny smell. If you want to see the pens in person, just go to any Scribe branch (Eastwood, Shangrila, Megamall, SM Aura and Glorietta 5) so you can at least hold it in your hand before buying. No affiliation.

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