(After a long hiatus I’ve decided to blog again. Hopefully this continues!)

Last Sunday, after having lunch in Eastwood Mall, we decided to check out the weekend market.  It looked like the usual assortment of baked goods and pre-cooked viands, but as we went around we discovered Cocoa Monster’s Chocolate Mangoes.

Chocolate-dipped mangoes have been around for a couple of years, but every so often a new brand emerges. Our family likes variety, so we like to taste whatever’s new.  The Chocolate Mangoes came in a long box. Fortunately the attendant offered us small pieces cut up for a taste test. Delicious!  The quality of the dark chocolate used is quite good. The dried mangoes inside each bonbon were chewy, and not too sweet, their flavor balanced by the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate.

Each box was priced at PhP 250, but went down to PhP 200 if you bought three.  Naturally we bought three, and eventually gave two of the boxes as gifts. Cocoa Monster also had the familiar slivers of mango dipped in chocolate, Tablea, Chocolate for Fondue, Chocolate Polvoron and Choco Peanut Crunch, as well as assorted fine chocolate truffles in lovely packaging.  We’re definitely keeping Cocoa Monster in mind for the Christmas season.

For orders and inquiries, visit Tel. (02) 975-0879, Mobile (0917) 676-5540. Am not affiliated with Cocoa Monster, other than being a delighted customer.