It never ceases to amaze me when we manage to get parking at SM Megamall during the holiday season. It only works when we leave the house and get there 15 minutes before opening time, and just wait in line at the entrance of the parking building. At any other time it is practically impossible to find parking, and impossible to escape the traffic around the mall.

We were there today, because my brother-in-law and sister wanted to eat lunch out, and I needed to buy shoes.


We decided to go to Makansutra, a Singapore/Malaysia-style hawker food center on the second floor of Building A. It just opened last September. We figured that this was organized by the same people behind the recent World Street Food Congress in Manila (K.F. Seetoh’s group). There are about 12 stalls offering various foods. We chose Malaccan-style laksa from Donald and Lily, oyster omelette and fried black carrot cake with dilis (dried fish) toppings from Ah Tee, mee goreng from Alhambra Padang, and duck kway teow from Jin Ji.


Sorry, no pictures of the laksa. We were too hungry, we ate it already.


Oyster omelette.


Fried black carrot cake with dried fish topping.



Mee Goreng



Duck kway teow.


The laksa was all right, but I’ve had better versions. It had yellow egg noodles that tasted of baking soda (I prefer rice noodles). It had a medium spice level – spicy, but not too spicy that you can’t drink the broth. The duck kway teow was served with a cinnamony broth on the side. The kway teow noodles were a little bit greasy, but in a nice comfort food way. The sambal served with it elevated the flavors. The mee goreng was just ok, again, we’ve had better. The best of all the dishes we ordered were the oyster omelette and the fried black carrot cake. They were delicious and full of umami. We washed it down with sugarcane juice (a PhP500 purchase entitled one to a glass of sugarcane juice for an additional PhP20, and there was another promo where you could get the juice buy one, take one for PhP150). It was funny how all the food just vanished. We practically inhaled it.

We’ll be returning to Makansutra. The prices are about fair for the size of the dishes and the airconditioned mall location. There are lots of other dishes to try!

Photos by Joy Abara.

Daily Prompt: Vanish

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