This is our little budgerigar, Snowball. He’s been with us just over a month.  We got him as a freebie when my sister bought a blue one. Sadly, the blue budgie was returned to the breeder after a few days because it was unhappy and was tearing its own feathers out. We decided to keep Snowball, as he is a sweeter, better-behaved bird.  He likes “grooming” our fingers, and enjoys having his head and neck gently scratched. There are days he’s stand-offish, and days when he would chitter away in protest that we’re not paying him enough attention.  He has a swing and a brass bell toy, a rope ladder and his favorite, the toilet roll tube. Everyone in the family is charmed by him. He is a smarter, more interactive pet than our late guinea pig, Walnut.

Daily Prompt: Protest

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