When I was a small child I thought that by the time I became an adult, everything that could be discovered would be discovered. It’s heartening to know, for instance, that for every species that dies out, new species continue to be found. Even some species we thought were extinct still exist.

There are still new archaeological discoveries being made. As of 2015, these included ancient human ancestor Homo naledi, a lost civilization in Honduras, and hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb, among others. In 2016, ancient Roman tablets were discovered in London, among them some of the world’s oldest financial and commercial documents. The more evidence we find about life in the very distant past, the more we can appreciate our place in history.

Technology Review lists ten breakthrough technologies for 2016. There’s hope for cancer patients as scientists genetically engineer immune cells. Autonomously-driving cars are going to be a wider reality. Small computers powered over the air by Wi-fi and other technologies will become more widely available in various applications. These innovations power us on toward the future.

All these things help keep that childish sense of wonder in me alive.

Daily Prompt: Discover

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