This WordPress blog used to be a mirror of my blog on Multiply, before they decided to reformat as a marketplace.  My photos prior to 2012 were hosted on Multiply, and as a consequence, I’ve lost those photos accompanying my old blog posts all the way from when I started.  I have the original photos, but it will take a while to re-upload those.  For the meantime I am reconstructing mostly pen, ink and paper-related entries, travel and food entries as far as I am able.  It’s a pain but please bear with me.

My entries for 2012 to present retain their photos, thankfully.


I subscribed to Anton’s The Biggest Bargain Blog last Christmas, and passed around My Secret Santa free cookie promo emails courtesy of Delifrance.

Anton Diaz writes one of my favorite blogs, Our Awesome Planet, where I would get suggestions for travel or dining in the Philippines.  Sometimes I actually get to visit a place with friends or family – that’s successful use of blog information!  The last time I did so, we went to Ying Ying Tea House in Binondo, where Reg and I restored our energies after a visit to a Chinatown pen store (we heard President had closed down).  Try their oyster pancake, Hong Kong style!

Every so often I would get updates announcing a Major Sale in advance.  This time it’s the Nike Nationwide Sale.  I need new running shoes, but blew my budget on a much-wanted pen.

I’m all for successful use of blog info – how about you?