This is for all those who remember the 80’s, when iconic soaps ruled tv primetime programming.  Who could forget the uberglam Krystle vs. Alexis catfight on Dynasty

It was so iconic that it was hilariously referenced a couple of decades later by the Minogue sisters Kylie and Dannii on The Kylie Show:

This blog entry won’t be complete without a vintage Pinoy-style comedy catfight where megastar Sharon Cuneta (still a teener) defends her long-suffering mom Susan Roces from “a couple of annoying bitches”:

Sharon grows up, to figure in a 1992 catfight where the deliciously “butangera” (“fishwife”) Bing Loyzaga accuses her of stealing her man.  The movie, Tayong Dalawa, nods to both Dynasty and Fatal Attraction at once!