medusa-01My 6yo niece has a very vivid imagination.  She’s wanted to be Medusa  for the longest time.  Last October 22 she had her fantasy realized – thanks to Mommy Joy’s crochet skills.  Joy found the free crocheted yarn snakes pattern by Lucy Ravenscar at

medusa-02The 14 snakes are made up of combinations of yarn colors, crocheted over four days.  The eyes and tongue are sewn on.  They are attached to a plastic headband, along with black yarn “hair”.  The “black” lipstick is eyebrow pencil rubbed over lip gloss.  The rest of the costume was a black sleeveless dress.

Lilo was even more thrilled when she won a special award for her costume!  Even now she’s thinking of a new costume for next year…


I hadn’t been to Divisoria since Tim’s wedding, but this latest trip was worth it. Joy and I have been in a needlecraft frenzy, she with crochet and I with knitting. We left the van at 168 Mall, and walked to Ilaya and Tabora Streets.

Along Ilaya we found:

plain white 100% cotton tank tops (PhP50 @ for kids, PhP60 @ for adult sizes)

plain white 100% cotton nightgowns trimmed with eyelet lace (PhP100 @)

children’s lycra swimsuits (PhP70 @)

At Yangco Market Pasilio P/Q leading from Ilaya to Tabora, we found:

daddy boxer shorts (PhP120 @ short/PhP140 @ puruntong)

children’s lycra bikini (PhP100 @)

And at Wellmanson’s Tabora (distributor of Familia) we found:

sale yarns (P30 per 10-skein pack! 3ply!)

tapestry needles, buttons, clear elastic line, other sewing notions

At Everson Tabora we found:

made in China nickel-coated aluminum 14″ knitting needles from size 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm & 6.0mm (average price of PhP35/pair)

set of four 9″ double pointed knitting needles, size 2.5mm/UK size 13 (PhP28 )

At Skylab Commercial Tabora (distributor of J. P. Coats) we found:

Monaco/Cannon mercerized cotton, 175m balls (PhP19.50 @ dark colors / PhP18.50 @ light colors)

assorted birthday cake figurines (Disney princesses, Barney)

At 168 Mall we found:

garterized knee protectors (PhP60/pair)

clip on led light powered by 4 watch batteries (P70@)

printed purses (4 for PhP100)

printed shoulderbag with matching purse (PhP250@)

smaller printed handbag (PhP150@)

leather calling card case with foldout cover (PhP80@)

It was fun. Next time I’ll look for baby clothes for my godson Inigo, who is grower faster than we all realize.

I’ve started on the coral pink mercerized cotton, and have knitted the front and back bodice of a toddler blouse for Lilo.