Check out the new Globe 3G rates.

This is fantastic news. I am a loyal Globe user who also has Smart prepaid sim cards because

1) Smart has wider coverage nationwide due to their acquisition of the old Piltel network; and
2) Smart offers internet connectivity for P10/30 minutes.

My postpaid account remains with Globe because my entire family and our office are all on Globe, and Globe has better international roaming connectivity. I personally don’t know anyone who has availed of this Globe 3G time-priced service at this point, but I’ll be trying it soon. P5/15 minutes ain’t bad if all you want to do sometimes is view and send emails.

I’m still interested in the Smart Prepaid Plugit, a usb modem which includes a data sim card. Jim Ayson has a good overview of this product. It’s priced at P4,500 in a one-time payment, which includes P30 load on the sim. It’s good to have this kind of flexibility if your work requires you to travel around and there are few internet cafes in sight.

NOKIA 6120

New Year, new phone. I’ve had the same mobile phone for the last four years, a Nokia 6100, which has survived much use and abuse. It’s still working, and is still great for basic texting and tri-band GSM calls. Also still on its original battery. I intend to keep it till it dies. Nanay uses it now. Finally, late last year, I decided to get myself a postpaid account with Globe.

Originally I wanted an inexpensive but good-looking 3G phone. Last September the only models available were the Sony Ericsson K610i and the LG KU250. I didn’t like how the LG looked and the K610i still didn’t measure up to my preferred stats, which was minimum K800i standard. I had never before considered owning a non-Nokia or SE phone, but the previous June I had bought an ASUS V80 (which is comparable to the SE K750i) to replace my N6100. However, although its 2mpx camera is superior to of a non-N series Nokia, it isn’t 3G. I needed the 3G to use with my laptop for work when out of town. However, Globe ran out of the SE K610i units. So I told them I’d wait for the next offering. Last Christmas I finally availed myself of a white N6120 Classic.

Glad mine is white. The black version doesn’t look too cool to me. Reminds me of patent leather, and not in a good way. I also appreciate that it’s a candy bar unit (ergo Classic), with no moving parts that may wear out faster. The white unit looks clean, and helps add to a professional image. The keypad is easy on the texting thumb. I installed Nokia PC Suite in my new black 4G ASUS eee, and after I take photos with the N6120 I just connect via USB and upload. It’s fast and painless, and such a portable pairing. I have also taken several video clips starring my baby niece Lilo and edited them straight on the phone. Of course it helps to invest in a 2G micro SD (the unit comes with a 256mb card) to store your music, photos and videos in. I got my Sandisk 2G micro SD at CDR King at an unbelievably attractive price. Music player quality is quite good, none of that tinny speaker sound you sometimes get in an N70 unit. I also got a screen protector in Greenhills, plus a Clio grey neoprene sleeve and silver lanyard in St. Francis Square.

By the third week of March I experienced troubles sending outgoing texts. I called Globe Customer Service and they asked me to try my prepaid sim in the N6120. Still couldn’t text out. Turns out it was the N6120 that had issues, not Globe’s sim. I brought my unit to the Nokia Service Center in Greenhills Annapolis Parking Building, where they have very efficient and friendly customer care agents. They informed me that my unit needed a firmware upgrade. While it’s something I felt I could have learned to do on my own if necessary, it was good to have the Nokia warranty take care of it for me. The upgrade wiped out all resident cellphone data, but I wasn’t worried because it was backed up on my home pc . Received my upgraded phone a couple of days later, and am happy.