I came across this video from my friend Sandy Allan’s post in Facebook.  Originally posted by dqsantiago on Youtube, Eksenang Tahimik is “written, composed and performed by Jess Santiago. Direction and editing by JL Burgos. Musical Arrangement by Radio Active Sago Project. Acoustic guitar arrangement by Joey Ayala.”

It’s poetry and music for a cause – to get answers from this government regarding our desaparecidos.  Jonas Burgos, who is still missing, is the brother of my classmate Peachy.  Maybe some of you know University of the Philippines students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno, who have not yet been found.  Or others whom we do not know but who also need our attention.  There is no love lost for the military here, as they allegedly stonewall investigations urged by the families of the disappeared – particularly if the disappeared are/were activists.  I use both tenses because the probability that they remain alive is thin.  However if we think of issues like these we must proceed as though they are alive, as though they can still be saved, that there is hope.  That there is information about lost loved ones, that families can have the truth, closure and justice.  If it touches you, pass it on.