I started watching Korean tv dramas early this year, beginning with Descendants of the Sun.  I was quickly hooked; the lead actors and actresses were good-looking and acted reasonably well. It was a drama about a doctor and her soldier boyfriend, partially set in a fictional Balkan war-torn country. There was humor, pathos, drama and heavy lashings of romance to keep me interested.

Love in the Moonlight followed. This was a sageuk, or a Korean historical drama set in the Joseon dynasty, where the daughter of a political dissident pretends to be a eunuch and falls in love with the Crown Prince.  Then I watched On the Way to the Airport , a love story between two people caught in unhappy marriages. The airing times of the dramas conflicted with work and other duties, so I ended up following it online on I even read the drama forums on!

My latest drama is The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, a family drama about four men who work in a hundred-year-old tailor shop. There are several romances going on in this drama, one of which is that between the son of the owner of the shop and his seamstress.  He’s recently divorced and has fallen in love for the first time with this naive martyr of a girl who’s being oppressed by a gangster she nearly married.  wolgyesu

I enjoy watching it in Korean with English subtitles.  Of course there are numerous cliches in K-drama that we see over and over again, but that never takes away my fun. I enjoy it more than local Filipino dramas, or South American telenovelas. The Hallyu or Korean wave has really hit me hard. I’m now relatively up-to-date with K-pop, K-dramas and variety shows!

Daily Prompt: Martyr