[NOTE: I’m sorry to have lost the photos to this blog post, due to Multiply ending its hosting services.]

This is the cami front I started while watching the Federer-Roddick Wimbledon final.  Two more nights of tv knitting, and I finished it.  There’s no pattern – yet.  I’ll write it up afterwards. I just followed the shaping of one of Lilo’s t-shirts with an inch added to the width, so she can wear it up to next year.  I made the neckline a V to follow the pattern that just showed itself on the bottom panel.

Here’s the back panel started.  I ran out of variegated cotton so I had to return to the mall to buy another ball.

Anchor Lifestyles crochet cotton is pricier than my usual brands, Cannon and Monaco, about P52 (USD 1.07) compared to the usual P35 (USD 0.72). Mind you I’m comparing mall retail prices, since I’m not buying in bulk. Anchor, like Cannon and the local Red Heart, is made by Coats Manila Bay, Inc. “The only ISO 9001 certified thread company in the Philippines.”  This is the very lovely colorway KAM17 / 210783 / 65-PHHT.  It’s supposed to be a size 10 thread, but it’s just very slightly thinner than Cannon or Monaco.  Softer than Cannon, with more sophisticated colors.

I’m using US size 2 (2.75mm) bamboo circular needles, which give me a gauge of 9 stitches by 12 rows.  I think my Addi or Inox 2.5mm circular needles would give roughly the same gauge.  Again, it’s all stockinette and shaping.  No fancy stitches.  It’ll expand sideways to accommodate at least 10 months worth of child growth.

Stay tuned, folks, I might finish it by Wednesday.


I have been blogging regularly, but not here.  In my Knittipina blog, where I write about what’s on the needles, what I’m gunning for in terms of skill, and about the lovely frenzied-veering-into-zen mood that knitting brings on.

Ok, that description sounds strange to non-knitters.  For my airsoft friends, try replacing the word “gun” with “needles”.  For my computer geek friends, try replacing “lappie” with “needles”.  For my SFF & RPG friends, try replacing “book” or “movie” or “rpg” with “needles”.  For my diver & photographer friends, try replacing “equipment” with… uh, “equipment”.  We can talk specs and rules till the cows come home. And amount of investments.  And war stories.

I seem to have spent a small fortune on my German Addi Turbo needles (in different sizes!  with duplicates! the fastest knit evah!), winder, counters, markers, not to mention yarns.  I am not the only one afflicted.  It is dire, I tell you.  My sister the Kaizenmom dragged me out of our local yarn store (Dreams in Glorietta 2) having bought an insane amount of yarn for making crocheted baby blankets, saying, “I know I just received my order from eBay, but I couldn’t stop myself! Pretty soon I may need some intervention…”  Her husband thinks that all the yarn in her stash could make them an extra bed.  Hehehe.  Some of her stash is under MY bed.

Knitting is crack, and in the immortal words of Amy Winehouse, I don’t wanna go to rehab, baby.

Finished objects:

1.  Babydoll blouse for my niece
2.  Diaper panty, free internet pattern from Australia, practice item
3.  Horseshoe lace scarf, wool for Joy
4.  Horseshoe lace scarf, cotton
5.  Assorted granny squares for a cotton picnic blanket

On the needles:

1.  3.0mm – Baby socks, lesson sock 1.
2.  2.0mm – Adult socks, free internet pattern, attempt #3 (I ripped out the first two)
3.  2.0mm – Lace scarf-belt in gunmetal (I plan to add discreet beads and a fringe)
4.  4.5mm – Cable scarf for my dad
5.  2.5mm – Toddler tennis dress for my niece
6.  3.25mm – Toddler cardigan with hood for my niece

Upcoming projects: (not in any order)

1.  Orange and aqua bikini
2.  Coral cotton bikini
3.  Cami top, practice item
4.  Socks or car blanket – guy stuff
5.  Various thank-you projects

Skills am polishing:

1.  Cable stitching
2.  Lace stitching
3.  Following diagram charts from a pattern
4.  Shaping
5.  Assembly
6.  Finishing

Um, and did I tell you about the book I ordered from Powerbooks?  And the sock knitting book I asked Ning to buy for me when she goes to Hawaii next month?

Knitting is crack, I tell you.  Gotta go.  I’m capable of knitting straight through the CSI Sunday marathon and beyond.


I hadn’t been to Divisoria since Tim’s wedding, but this latest trip was worth it. Joy and I have been in a needlecraft frenzy, she with crochet and I with knitting. We left the van at 168 Mall, and walked to Ilaya and Tabora Streets.

Along Ilaya we found:

plain white 100% cotton tank tops (PhP50 @ for kids, PhP60 @ for adult sizes)

plain white 100% cotton nightgowns trimmed with eyelet lace (PhP100 @)

children’s lycra swimsuits (PhP70 @)

At Yangco Market Pasilio P/Q leading from Ilaya to Tabora, we found:

daddy boxer shorts (PhP120 @ short/PhP140 @ puruntong)

children’s lycra bikini (PhP100 @)

And at Wellmanson’s Tabora (distributor of Familia) we found:

sale yarns (P30 per 10-skein pack! 3ply!)

tapestry needles, buttons, clear elastic line, other sewing notions

At Everson Tabora we found:

made in China nickel-coated aluminum 14″ knitting needles from size 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm & 6.0mm (average price of PhP35/pair)

set of four 9″ double pointed knitting needles, size 2.5mm/UK size 13 (PhP28 )

At Skylab Commercial Tabora (distributor of J. P. Coats) we found:

Monaco/Cannon mercerized cotton, 175m balls (PhP19.50 @ dark colors / PhP18.50 @ light colors)

assorted birthday cake figurines (Disney princesses, Barney)

At 168 Mall we found:

garterized knee protectors (PhP60/pair)

clip on led light powered by 4 watch batteries (P70@)

printed purses (4 for PhP100)

printed shoulderbag with matching purse (PhP250@)

smaller printed handbag (PhP150@)

leather calling card case with foldout cover (PhP80@)

It was fun. Next time I’ll look for baby clothes for my godson Inigo, who is grower faster than we all realize.

I’ve started on the coral pink mercerized cotton, and have knitted the front and back bodice of a toddler blouse for Lilo.