Lilo in Little Gym

Joy and Tristan have been taking 2.5yo Lilo to The Little Gym in El Pueblo for the last two terms. They go for an hour every Tuesday morning, after which she takes her nap and later on, a late lunch.

Last Tuesday was Open House day, and this time they asked me to attend, in order to take pictures. Since Joy is usually behind the camera, she realized one day that she didn’t have many photos with Lilo! Also, the night before, Teacher Clara called to ask permission for Lilo to be filmed by Jessica Soho’s GMA crew, along with other select students. Lilo had bloomed so much in terms of strength, agility, confidence and social skills that she seemed like an ideal subject. She’s also quite photogenic, attractive in a sporty, anti-Barbie way. Hands-down cute.

The GMA crew took shots of the children together with Teacher Maan, playing at each featured piece of equipment. Later on they interviewed Joy, asking why she enrolled Lilo in Little Gym. Joy mentioned something about wanting to develop her physical strength and dexterity along with social interaction skills. Tristan and his parents Tita Tess and Tito Ted were watching proudly from a distance.

They showed the segment in Jessica Soho’s 9pm show the following Saturday, April 19. The whole show was about health and fitness in summer activities for Pinoys of all ages. Lilo was in most of the shots, in her white halter top, funky black shorts and “Disney Boo” hairdo (two little fountains on either side of her head). Joy was laughing, “Did you see my sweaty mommy face on tv?” I assured her that sweaty mommy mode is normal, particularly if the yaya is on vacation. Ninang Almond promised to ask a friend to get us a digital copy of the show.