Three years ago, my childhood classmate Lorelei (“Lyeh”) discovered she had a brain tumor. She was operated on, but a year later the tumor reappeared. Ever since then she would suffer periodic intercranial pressure (liquid in her brain would accumulate, and not drain properly), for which she would be medicated.

Two weeks ago, she suffered a sudden increase in intercranial pressure, which nearly caused a major seizure. Lyeh’s mother brought her to the hospital in time for an emergency lumbar tap (removal of spinal fluid for testing and analysis). They discovered that she was suffering from streptococcal (bacterial) meningitis, as a result of her weakened immune system. For the first four days she was in critical condition and nearly died. She was put on a severe cocktail of antibiotics and steroids via intravenous feed, and thus was confined in Delgado Clinic in Quezon City for twelve days.

As a result of this treatment, including laboratory tests and a second lumbar tap, her hospital bills reached unexpected heights. Afraid that her bill would balloon unnecessarily, Lyeh had herself discharged today, May 22. She has paid about half of her hospital bills from all her available direct sources of funds (family members), and has a remaining balance of PhP 75,000.00. She needs to pay the Delgado Clinic by June 3.

Our high school batch, UP Integrated School Class of 1984, is helping her raise money for that recent hospitalization.  Her family is taking responsibility for her daily care, but needs to clear that amount in order to move forward.

Lyeh Henson is a single mother, with three children, and is not able to work given her current condition. She is recuperating at home, and is a patient of neurologist Dr. Senna Lim of St. Luke’s Hospital and Delgado Clinic.

Please help Lyeh by contributing any amount to

Branch:  Aurora Boulevard Branch, Quezon City, Philippines
Account Name: Lorelei Henson
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 00-902-001584-2

before or by June 3, 2009.

Thank you very much for any help you can give. You can help by circulating this entry in your blog.  Lyeh needs her friends at this time, old and new.