I’ve been on the lookout for a locally-made, fountain pen ink-friendly notebook for the longest time.  I’ve tried a number of notebooks, most of them imported, and find the cost deterring.  I don’t really care for some carefully crafted romantic marketing image, and some of you may know what I’m talking about.  I’m after a paper that reliably handles fountain pen ink without feathering or bleedthrough, where I can write on both sides of the paper.  Eventually it becomes an expensive exercise to buy and buy notebooks only to be disappointed.

At a recent pen meet I was given an Ecothings Notebook by a friend.  The first page says, “You are holding a product that is kind to our Earth.  Your notebook is made using recyclable materials and recycled paper that is acid and other toxic elements free, using soya ink and guaranteed 100% biodegradable materials.  Negative free print process.  We are proud to be green and proud to be Filipino-made.”  (I’d have taken a photo, but the fonts were too thin.) Earth-friendly, fountain pen-friendly and made locally!  What more can I ask for?


The notebook I received had mauve paper (alas), but I have seen others with cream-colored paper.  It’s available in blank, lined, and dot grid paper, as far as I know.  The important thing is that IT PASSED MY INK TEST! No feathering, no bleedthrough.  The paper is not slippery, but neither does it have drag.  The sizing of this paper is just right for fountain pen use.  The mauve paper doesn’t really show ink colors that well, but I’m sure the cream-colored paper does.  At this point I shall disclose that I don’t know how much this notebook costs since I got it as a gift, but I’m sure it doesn’t cost as much as Overhyped Romantic Marketing Notebook does (wink, wink).  Since I like to support Filipino products I’m sure the price is worth it.

I’m definitely buying a couple of notebooks with the cream paper soon.  Here’s a link to some photos on Facebook.  They are “available at Fully Booked stores, Sketchbook (Greenbelt 3), Scribe Writing Essentials (Eastwood), and ECHOstore (Podium and Serendra)”.

Addendum:  The notebook pictured above is P360.