Check out the new Globe 3G rates.

This is fantastic news. I am a loyal Globe user who also has Smart prepaid sim cards because

1) Smart has wider coverage nationwide due to their acquisition of the old Piltel network; and
2) Smart offers internet connectivity for P10/30 minutes.

My postpaid account remains with Globe because my entire family and our office are all on Globe, and Globe has better international roaming connectivity. I personally don’t know anyone who has availed of this Globe 3G time-priced service at this point, but I’ll be trying it soon. P5/15 minutes ain’t bad if all you want to do sometimes is view and send emails.

I’m still interested in the Smart Prepaid Plugit, a usb modem which includes a data sim card. Jim Ayson has a good overview of this product. It’s priced at P4,500 in a one-time payment, which includes P30 load on the sim. It’s good to have this kind of flexibility if your work requires you to travel around and there are few internet cafes in sight.