After a spate of national disasters and personal and professional difficulties, it’s about time to be thankful for things (in no particular order):

1)  Supportive family members – even though they drive you crazy at times you can’t deny having them solidly behind all of our endeavors is a support system that can’t be beat.

2)  Friends who know when to listen, when to commiserate, when to say nothing, when to whup your ass when you’re feeling so sorry for yourself you can’t make a move in any direction, and best of all those who know how to make you laugh!!!

3)  Having a cute and perky little niece running around the house making me smile because she’s the Queen of our Universe.

4)  Fountain pens, inks, stationery and snail mail pals.  And my FPN-P group who are afflicted with the same madness!

5)  TDM who thinks my creative efforts re books and poetry are worth pursuing.  Who takes his geekiness and mine and puts them together in a working gadget.  One of my inspirations.  And for being a rock when I’m feeling like an emotional tsunami.

6)  Online means of keeping up with my REAL friends (my classmates, the ones whom I grew up with, who share my interests and hobbies, those who actually reply instead of just forwarding emails, the ones who care about when I’ve been sick or missing, who pray for me or who just enjoy my real and virtual company, etc. etc. etc.)

7)  Books!  Blank or full of poetry or fiction.  Thanks for keeping my attention engaged and for helping put me to sleep at the prescribed time.

8)  Coffee.  Tea.  Bacon.

9)  Music – right now I’m listening to Andrew Strong’s soul album, “Out of Time”

10)  The fact that my wrist is healed and I can knit again!   Whee!!!!

Ten is good for today.  There’ll be more soon 😀  Have YOU thought about what to be thankful for?  Take the time, adds years to your life.