BBC One is airing a new 5-part mini-series of the cult sci-fi show Torchwood this week in the UK, called Children of the Earth.  (The videos can’t be played in our area, unless you have Hotspot Shield.) If this does well, then I suppose there will a next season for my favorite Cardiff sci-fi crew

Here’s trailer 2 from Youtube:

Pete Dillon-Trenchard tells us what he’d like to see more of in this mini-series in the blog Den of the Geek.  I don’t agree with the whole article, as I am a Gwen Cooper fan, and I think it’s cool that the Torchwood 3 HQ is right next door to the Roald Dahl Center in Cardiff.  But I do agree that Captain Jack Harkness needs to bring out his inner Indiana Jones more.  They should also give Ianto Jones more to do than deliver pizza and be somebody’s main boink.  And that they should occasionally foray into the Whoniverse (as in Dr. Who, to non-fans), if they’re not doing Cardiff time-space crimebusting.  Just to show the bigger picture, if you will.

Pretty please let there be a next season and more production funding!  (Thanks to Paolo M’s Facebook post today.)  For past Torchwood shows, check here.